Lifting Frame

Design for Manufacture, Innovation, Cost savings

Davros Industries Inc was contracted to oversee the design and build of an automated machine, with a focus on ensuring cost and schedule targets were met. Several changes to the concept were proposed by Davros to improve manufacturability, simplify, and reduce cost. This case study covers just one of those items.

Problem: The removable lifting frame needed to have an adjustable lifting bail to accommodate tuning the position of a remote single-point lift over the center of gravity, while also being able to fold down to provide additional clearance for moving the machine through tight quarters. The proposed concept did not have an adjustable lifting bail, and was to be made with welded HSS members. The welded structure would have required multi-pass welding with several inspections (MPI, LPI) during manufacture, and periodically throughout its lifecycle. Due to the pedigree required, this was going to be costly.

Solution: Davros proposed a machined frame that was bolted and keyed together, with absolutely no welding. It also featured an adjustable lifting bail. The revised frame met the customer’s requirements, while being less costly to manufacture and maintain.


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February 7, 2017