Milling Cutter Redesign

Productivity Improvement

PROBLEM: A utility customer required an expensive periodic maintenance procedure to prolong the operating life of one of their nuclear reactors. The procedure involved cutting out an existing weld with remote, semi-automatic tooling. The existing toolset used a high-speed steel cutting wheel, which could not consistently make the cut without burning out, and often required replacement 3 times for one complete cut.Considering the time required to change out the tool in the difficult working environment, this had a significant impact on overall productivity and therefore was very costly for the company.

SOLUTION: The use of a carbide cutting wheel had been tried in the past, but did not survive the harsh vibrations. When Davros Industries Inc. proposed a carbide cutting wheel, it was not expected to work. Davros recommended a brazed-in carbide insert with a high-speed steel body, as well as a supplier that was experienced in manufacturing this type of tooling. Subsequent testing and performance on the reactor demonstrated the cutter was capable of multiple cuts. This small innovation had a massive impact on the success of the maintenance campaign


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January 4, 2017